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The idea of teaching is scary enough without the constant worry that you don't know enough. This blog was created to post ideas, lesson plans and things that didn't go so well so teachers can discuss, plan and contribute to a greater learning experience. Oh, and to share those hilarious stories that always start with "and ONE student in my class..."

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5 weeks to go…

One whole week of teaching has left me curled in a ball on my couch. Yeah I can do this :S Team teaching is going really well. We’ve worked out a pretty sweet routine:

Year seven classes we swap ‘lead’ teacher every week, but we both know what’s going on which is incredibly helpful for behavior management. The year sevens are INSANE. And a bunch of them have done ‘drama classes’ outside of school and ultimately think they are better than everyone else. There’s at least four with learning disabilities and a group of really ratty boys. Fun times ahead. I swear if I hear “When will be be learning proper drama” one more time… *menacing fist shake

The year nines are getting us in three week blocks, other ST is taking the first three weeks teaching Summer of the 17th Doll (thank goodness I hate that play) and I’ll be teaching Away with them. They are an interesting class, again some pretty severe learning difficulties, and a group of vicious 14 year olds that have more attitude than something with lots of attitude… :S

My single classes are going well, but it feels weird not having that back up teacher there, hope I don’t get used to it!

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Team Teaching entry #1

Team Teaching is not the easiest thing to understand. NO JOKE.

I have been researching it for the last week and a half. It seems there is no concluding evidence or information about it or how it affects students. Lots on how to talk to colleagues (p.s. you should not have to be taught how to work with colleagues) but as my ST teammate (that’s student teacher teammate for those playing at home) are already friends/ have worked together that isn’t entirely helpful research. So here are the things I need to know before April:

1. How do we present a united front, i.e. how do we make it easier for students to understand we are BOTH in charge and not have it confuse them?

2. How do we utilise our skills to make it incredibly vibrant/ energised classroom?

Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated! Let me know of stories as well, what worked, what didn’t?

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Team Teaching Experiment April 2012

Fourth Year Teaching Practicum “teaching experiment” to commence in just over a month’s time!

For my LAST EVER practicum the school was inundated with teachers and so my fellow ST and I put our hands up to team teach a few classes. Today we received our OFFICIAL timetables (one long note descending from heaven) and were discussing how best to make the team teaching part flow so well everyone would want to do it…cut to the start of this new chapter in my blog…

We have decided to research, and construct some sort of team teaching folder of information!!  A giant, colossal monstrosity that will be helpful for team teachers in the future! We aim to:

  • Create a unit of 6 weeks for two different subjects that will flow without disruption
  • create a teaching style that is the same but different so that once again the students will not be disrupted in learning
  • incorporating a fun and exciting way to switch between teacher ‘leader’ or having a different ‘captain’ and ‘co-captain’…
  • creating a DIFFERENTIATED unit

As of April 23rd this year this blog will be full of things that worked, that didn’t, things that we enjoyed and ways to use this teaching technique to its fullest extent! In return I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from others who have ideas, activities etc.

Thanks for listening!

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