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The idea of teaching is scary enough without the constant worry that you don't know enough. This blog was created to post ideas, lesson plans and things that didn't go so well so teachers can discuss, plan and contribute to a greater learning experience. Oh, and to share those hilarious stories that always start with "and ONE student in my class..."

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Team Teaching entry #1

Team Teaching is not the easiest thing to understand. NO JOKE.

I have been researching it for the last week and a half. It seems there is no concluding evidence or information about it or how it affects students. Lots on how to talk to colleagues (p.s. you should not have to be taught how to work with colleagues) but as my ST teammate (that’s student teacher teammate for those playing at home) are already friends/ have worked together that isn’t entirely helpful research. So here are the things I need to know before April:

1. How do we present a united front, i.e. how do we make it easier for students to understand we are BOTH in charge and not have it confuse them?

2. How do we utilise our skills to make it incredibly vibrant/ energised classroom?

Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated! Let me know of stories as well, what worked, what didn’t?

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