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The idea of teaching is scary enough without the constant worry that you don't know enough. This blog was created to post ideas, lesson plans and things that didn't go so well so teachers can discuss, plan and contribute to a greater learning experience. Oh, and to share those hilarious stories that always start with "and ONE student in my class..."

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Breaking Bad-ly

So I broke up with my boyfriend, who I live with. And it was a terribly hard decision to make for a multitude of reasons, but it was right and I guess that’s the main thing. But we have to live with each other as rent is expensive and we don’t have any other options. I also started my first teaching for real job.

We broke up about a month ago now and it wasn’t too bad to begin with. I stayed out of his way in respect of the fact that I did the breaking. And yes every now and then I wish I could come home, sit in my lounge room and cuddle up to someone, but that’s just human nature. We were together for nearly four years so I guess it’s understandable.

I’ve been trying for a week or so now to actually be out in the house, so we can chat or whatever, but have only been getting grunts in return. Which is fine, I am in the wrong. But last night, after my first week of school (as well as my other job and rehearsals) I was spontaneously invited to a concert. Previously that night my ex left the house without a backward glance or word, so I thought, fine. I’ll go out. 

Of course he was there. At the concert. Which, you know, whatever as I live with him. But our mutual friend was there, and he completely blew me off. Was incredibly rude and I had forgotten this is the part where people take sides.

So on that note, world, I just wanted to let you know that while I am the Bad Guy, it doesn’t actually mean I’m a bad guy. I swear it was all as nice as a break up can be, I was always honest about my feelings, and it was pretty mutual.

And I’m still hurting too.

Having a teenage moment were I am mad at the world. I am starving hungry but have no money for food and limited supply in the cupboard that’s meant to last another week. I have a job, I save and I’ve just had to ask my mother for money which breaks my heart and my spirit. All because my brilliant workplace didn’t inform me of my lack of summer work until the week before I didn’t have any, leaving me no options to apply for other work. I am mad.

But hey. At least rent is paid right? Awesome.

My dad told my siblings he’s leaving us. So that’s happening.

New Job!

New job!! New Job!! From next week, I will be teaching dance/drama/singing to a multitude of tiny children! While dressed as a fairy…booyeah!

They seem to have forgotten I am a secondary (10-12) high school teacher… this won’t end badly at all!


life goal accomplished!


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What movie is this D;

its called the road to el dorado

Miguel and Tullio! Tullio and Miguel!






What movie is this D;

its called the road to el dorado

Miguel and Tullio! Tullio and Miguel!

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Here’s to starting over. Again.

I left uni and couldn’t get it together enough to think about teaching so I became manager of the arcade I work at.

Then I got bored so I started looking for jobs involving in some way students. Found a day job which should have progressed into a job job, teaching circus skills to kids. That didn’t work either.

Went through two interviews and a dance audition to be a dance instructor. Got the job, went through three weeks of training. Didn’t hear from them. Called, no go. Didn’t want me.

Back to the drawing board. Again.

favourite comedian friendships: Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie
“Hugh is my best friend. We make each other laugh.”

I can’t not reblog this. Someone asked me who Stephen Fry was the other day. Gobsmackdom.

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